WCS Students Speak Out at Forensics Invitational

WCS Students Speak Out at Forensics Invitational
Photo by WCS

The talented speech and debate students in Williamson County have another successful invitational under their belts.

Students from Brentwood, Independence, Ravenwood and Summit high schools competed in the Dr. Kathy Ligon Invitational January 25.

Students competed in various categories, including Prose, Storytelling and Public Forum Debate, to earn points. Ravenwood High School earned the most points in the competition and won the sweepstakes award.

The students who placed in the top seven of their categories are listed below:

Dramatic Interpretation

  • First: Natalie Porter, Ravenwood High

Duo Interpretation

  • First: Gavin Brock and Kendal Kocian, Ravenwood High
  • Second: Ian Brown and Edward Lee, Ravenwood High
  • Fourth: Lily Wilson and Sriya Kondapavaluru, Ravenwood High
  • Sixth: Isabelle Araujo and Victoria Araujo, Brentwood High

Duo Interpretation

  • First: Ian Brown and Edward Lee, Ravenwood High

Extemporaneous Speaking

  • Second: Anna Sullivan, Brentwood High
  • Fourth: Sidharth Babu, Brentwood High
  • Fifth: Maggie Beth Kimbro, Summit High
  • Sixth: Madeleine Jones, Brentwood High
  • Seventh: Molly Kimbro, Summit High

Humorous Interpretation

  • First: Fallon O’Donnell, Ravenwood High
  • Second: Shreesha Yelameli, Ravenwood High
  • Third: Gavin Brock, Ravenwood High
  • Sixth: Cassandra Swindle, Brentwood High

Impromptu Speaking

  • Fourth: Samantha Dreussi, Independence High
  • Fifth: Makayla Frisse, Independence High

Informative Speaking

  • Fourth: Claire Hopfensperger, Ravenwood High
  • Fifth: Raka Mukherjee, Ravenwood High

Original Oratory

  • Second: Kerigan Moore, Ravenwood High
  • Fifth: Sanjana Sitaram, Brentwood High

Poetry Interpretation

  • First: Lauren Latimore, Brentwood High

Program Oral Interpretation

  • Second: Sriya Kondapavaluru, Ravenwood High
  • Third: Jirayu Paueksakon, Ravenwood High
  • Fourth: Natalie Porter, Ravenwood High


  • Second: Olivia Williams, Ravenwood High
  • Third: Kendal Kocian, Ravenwood High


  • First: Lily Wilson, Ravenwood High
  • Third: Fallon O’Donnell, Ravenwood High
  • Sixth: Hannah Bhattacharya, Ravenwood High

Public Forum Debate

  • First: Eshani Mehta and Ash Huang, Ravenwood High
  • Second: Nick Forster-Benson and Hayden Teeter, Ravenwood High
  • Third: William Fiechtl and Daniel Chen, Ravenwood High
  • Fourth: Manavi Bajpal and Ella Bullock-Papa, Ravenwood High
  • Fifth: Rohan Gupta and Christopher Alley, Brentwood High
  • Sixth: Ananya Varshney and Nitya Yelliah, Brentwood High