WCS Students Receive Seals of Biliteracy

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FHS Seal of Biliteracy
FHS Seal of Biliteracy

Seventy-seven Williamson County students are earning their Seals of Biliteracy from the State, which is the most in district history.

The Seal of Biliteracy is awarded to students who have a high proficiency in speaking, reading and writing in at least one language other than English. Students may earn a Silver or Gold Seal. The Silver Seal is given by the State, and the Gold Seal is a district award for students who go above and beyond.

“Being able to speak more than one language is a valuable asset in today’s world and can open up many doors for a student’s future,” said WCS World Language Specialist Christi Gilliland. “The Seal of Biliteracy celebrates students whose language skills were learned in our classrooms, at home or through other real-world experiences. WCS is proud to announce that we have bestowed the highest number of Seal awards since the recognition began in 2020.”

Students must show evidence of English and world language proficiency through exams in order to earn the Silver Seal. To earn a Gold Seal, students must score higher on those exams and show evidence of intercultural engagement through participation in an opportunity that requires the use of a second language.

Congratulations to the students listed below.


  • Ana Martinez, Centennial High – Spanish
  • Sherlyn Martinez, Centennial High – Spanish
  • Lilian Scales, Centennial High – Spanish
  • Lillian Shi, Franklin High – Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Yukino Wakatsuki, Franklin High – Japanese
  • Alea Barton, Independence High – German and French
  • Lucia Enriquez, Nolensville High – Spanish


  • Marola Awadalla, Centennial High – Arabic
  • Joseph Black, Centennial High – French
  • Ruchie Borkar, Centennial High – Spanish
  • Jackson Cooke, Centennial High – Spanish
  • Delaney Devlin, Centennial High – French
  • Saniya Gupta, Centennial High – Spanish
  • Harrison Hassler, Centennial High – Spanish
  • Hannah Kim, Centennial High – Spanish
  • Emma Laymon, Centennial High – Spanish
  • Parker Mabry, Centennial High – Spanish
  • Sally Nwider, Centennial High – Arabic
  • Lilian Scales, Centennial High – Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Julia Stovall, Centennial High – Spanish
  • Sophia Thompson, Centennial High – Spanish
  • Jazmine Gonzalez, Fairview High – Spanish
  • Bianca Lovisaro, Fairview High – Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Dahveed Arrieta, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Jacqueline Badalyan, Franklin High – French
  • Jaxen Busch, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Caroline Byrd, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Kendall Chapman, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Rachel Collins, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Jessica DeSantis, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Cora Doyle, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Grace Fagan, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Adelaide Forte, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Victoria Garrett, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Hayden Gill, Franklin High – French
  • Peter Gorgey, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Elizabeth Hauptman, Franklin High – Spanish


  • Meagan Hull, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Kyra Kendall, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Abigail Landa, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Lucy Litwin, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Anthony Mendoza, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Lisa Messier, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Corrie Myers, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Lindsey Obua, Franklin High – French
  • Zach Patterson, Franklin High – French
  • Isaac Riordan, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Shelby Rowell, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Jesus Sanchez, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Ellen Sanders, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Adeline Sexton, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Emma Shields, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Berra Sirmali, Franklin High – Turkish and Spanish
  • Cathleen Smalley, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Parker Sparks, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Heidi Speckman, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Emily Taylor, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Molly Volker, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Shannon Ward, Franklin High – French
  • Abby Webb, Franklin High – French
  • Megan Weems, Franklin High – Spanish
  • James Williams, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Renee Zarnick, Franklin High – Spanish
  • Jiaxuan Zhang, Franklin High – Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Ethan Arango, Independence High – Spanish
  • Phillip Dauer, Independence High – German
  • Jane Maikkula, Independence High – Spanish
  • Ariel Nicastro, Independence High – German
  • Deron Young, Independence High – German
  • Griffen Zemek, Independence High – Spanish
  • Emma Zentz, Independence High – Spanish
  • Lindsey Carballo, Independence High – Spanish
  • Marissa Perry, Independence High – Spanish
  • Zoe Rager, Independence High – Spanish
  • Mariam Khalil, Nolensville High – Spanish
  • Nora Marchese, Nolensville High – Spanish
  • Sofia Sinclair, Summit High – Spanish