WCS Students Named to All-State Choirs

From WCS inFocus

RHS Choir

More than 40 Williamson County high school students’ musical expertise earned them places on the Tennessee All-State Choirs.

“We’re so proud of these vocal music students,” said WCS Fine Arts Director David Aydelott. “It takes a significant amount of work and struggle just to audition, let alone be accepted into one of the Tennessee All-State choirs. Kudos to these students and their teachers for these outstanding accomplishments.”

Congratulations to the following students:

BHS Choir

Brentwood High

  • Vivian Hurst: Soprano 1, All-State SATB
  • Caroline Kunkel: Soprano 1, All-State SATB Alternate
  • Ella Saliba: Soprano 1, All-State SSAA

CHS Choir

Centennial High

  • Kyle Brukl: Bass 2, All-State TTBB Alternate
  • Graeme Cadaret: Tenor 2, All-State TTBB
  • Sydney Hoover: Soprano 1, All-State SSAA
  • Sivani Kasibhotia: Alto 1, All-State SATB Alternate
  • David Moore: Bass 2, All-State SATB Alternate
  • Natalie Peterson Lopes: Alto 2, All-State SSAA
  • Lucca Silva: Tenor 2, Al-State SATB
  • Riley Tuttle: Tenor 1, All-State TTBB Alternate
  • Nicole Varenkamp: Alto 2, All-State SSAA

FHS Choir

Franklin High

  • Asha Henshaw: Alto 1, All-State SATB
  • Molly Pope: Alto 2, All-State SATB

IHS Choir

Independence High

  • Parks Garner: Bass 2, All-State SATB Alternate
  • Nicholas Perrone: Tenor 2, All-State SATB Alternate

Nolensville High

  • Isabella Wickham: Soprano 1, All-State SATB

Ravenwood High

  • Sullivan Dickerson: Alto 2, All-State SATB Alternate
  • Mark Dovgalyuk: Bass 2, All-State SATB
  • Brynn Gianatassio: Soprano 2, All-State SSAA
  • Nathan Jessop: Tenor 2, All-State SATB Alternate
  • Trisha Mazumdar: Soprano 2, All-State SSAA
  • Caroline Meyer: Alto 1, Al-State SATB
  • Ella Miller: Alto 1, All-State SATB
  • Natalie Porter: Soprano 2, All-State SATB Alternate
  • Walker Risser: Tenor 1, All-State SATB
  • Mason Risser: Tenor 1, All-State TTBB
  • Aidan Schacht: Tenor 2, All-State TTBB
  • Madeline Thomas: Alto 1, All-State SSAA
  • Jasper Vasilevskis: Tenor 1, All-State SATB

Summit High

  • Madeline Bauer: Soprano 2, All-State SSAA
  • Logan Benton: Bass 2, All-State TTBB
  • Aubrey Clark: Alto 2, All-State SSAA Alternate
  • Sarah Davis: Soprano 2, All-State SASA Alternate
  • Annabeth Elston: Soprano 2, All-State SATB
  • Maggie Harris: Alto 2, All-State SATB
  • Ava Podewitz: Soprano 1, All-State SSAA
  • Kelsey Tardiff: Alto 2, All-State SSAA Alternate
  • Livia Thomas: Alto 2, All-State SSAA
  • Ainslee Wagner: Soprano 1, All-State SSAA Alternate


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