WCS Students Earn Seals of Biliteracy

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FHS Seal of Biliteracy

Sixty-one Williamson County high school students are earning their Seals of Biliteracy from the State, which is more than triple the number of WCS students to earn it in 2020.

The Seal of Biliteracy program began in the 2019-20 school year and honors students who have a high proficiency in speaking, reading and writing in at least one language other than English. Students may earn a Silver or Gold Seal. The Silver Seal is awarded by the State, and the Gold Seal is a district award to reward students for going to the next level.

“This year we really saw what students are capable of,” said Franklin High World Language chair Valerie Bell. “These Seals certify the language skills a student has attained and provides evidence of real-world skills that are attractive to colleges and employers.”

To earn a Silver Seal, students must show evidence of English proficiency and world language proficiency through exams. A Gold Seal requires higher scores on those exams and evidence of intercultural engagement by participating in an event or opportunity that requires the use of a second language.

The Seal of Biliteracy appears on each student’s diploma. Congratulations to the students listed below:

Brentwood High:


  • Michelle Qiu, Spanish


  • Marvin Brown, Spanish
  • Mannan Goel, Hindi
  • Bronwyn Harris, Spanish
  • Margaret Rencher, Spanish
  • Anna Sullivan, Spanish
  • Katilyn Vanderkolk, Spanish

Centennial High:


  • Kayla Burns, French
  • Sarah Cawthorne, Spanish
  • Wendy Dong, Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Elena Herrero, Spanish
  • Kate Jones, Spanish
  • Abby Knauer, French
  • Jennifer Lozano, French and Spanish
  • Lillian Para, French
  • Carter Potts, Spanish

Fairview High:


  • Marisa Jackson, Spanish
  • Apryl Johnson, Spanish

Franklin High:


  • Tommaso Capellua, Italian
  • Eileen Hsu, Spanish
  • Arman Raazzaghi, Spanish
  • Shun Wakatsuki, Japanese


  • Ethan Bendheim, Spanish
  • Romy Binstein, Hebrew
  • Madelyn Black, Spanish
  • Wesley Butler, French
  • Kayla Carneal, Spanish
  • Cori Dannemiller, Spanish
  • Annalise Dodson, Spanish
  • Emma Eikum, Spanish
  • Kimberly Embody, Spanish
  • William Foster, Spanish
  • Brooke Gorman, Spanish
  • Patrick Lama, French
  • Gwendolyn Lamb, French
  • Elizabeth Leggett, Spanish
  • Lillian LeStrange, French
  • Sacha Martiny, Spanish
  • Sophia Mathews, French
  • Melanie Miga, Spanish
  • Sara Naughton, Spanish
  • Joseph Pillans, French
  • Emerson Pope, French
  • Federico Pravettoni, Italian
  • Emily Rosebrook, Spanish
  • Brenna Swiger, French
  • Delaney Talbert, Spanish
  • Lucien Treville, Spanish
  • Ella Whatley, Spanish
  • Clarence Wheatley, Spanish

Independence High:


  • Ria Patel, Spanish


  • Joshua Cannon, Spanish
  • Mark Soriano, Spanish
  • Emma Sower, Spanish
  • Chloe Walls, Spanish
  • Hailey Rodriguez, Spanish

Nolensville High:


  • Claire Chiles, Spanish
  • Savannah Cooper, French
  • Charlie Fulton, Spanish

Summit High:


  • Nevaeh Brinson, Spanish