WCS Students Earn National Recognition Awards

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BHS National Recognition Program
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Dozens of WCS high school students have earned national recognition from the College Board.

The four National Recognition Programs – National African American Recognition Program, National Hispanic Recognition Program, National Indigenous Recognition Program and National Rural and Small Town Recognition Program – award academic honors to underrepresented students.

“These students earned this recognition because of their academic achievements in school,” said Brentwood High principal Kevin Keidel. “They’ve accomplished these milestones during an immensely demanding period of their high school careers. We couldn’t be more delighted to share this great news.”

Students apply for the program when they are in their sophomore or junior year. To earn an award, students must take eligible PSAT or Advanced Placement (AP) exams and are only eligible if they score in the top 10 percent within their state on the PSAT exams or if they score a 3 or higher on two or more AP exams.

At the time of submitting the application, students must also have at least a 3.5 GPA.

Congratulations to the students listed below:

Brentwood High

  • Blen Hadgu
  • Christopher Inkum
  • Daniel Olopade
  • Lizann Akomeah
  • Miles Brown
  • Robel Awala
  • Stephanie Posey

Franklin High

  • Abigail Kabagambe
  • Brock Whittman
  • John Brabson
  • Noah Sacdalan
  • Vasilios Ekimogloy
  • Avery Bell
  • Isabella Vilches
  • Lukas Varden
  • Hannah Wimpy

Independence High

  • Abram Knott
  • Alexander Harms
  • Annika Drury
  • Ava Martin
  • Brayden Gonzales
  • Carmen Onusaitis
  • Christopher Martin
  • Dalton Shults
  • Drew Robertson
  • Elijah Sower
  • John Strohm
  • Julia Perry
  • Katherine Matthews
  • Kiran Rao
  • Lillian Duke
  • Lillian Valk
  • Michelle Briceno
  • Rory Shedd
  • Tessela Perry
  • Weston Ragan

Nolensville High 

  • Adrienne Chen
  • Albin Brejeon
  • Ani Danielyan
  • Annabelle Mullenix
  • Braden Poole
  • Elijah Kelley
  • Errin James
  • Ethan Bennett
  • Isabella Conn
  • John Campbell
  • Marissa Huggett
  • Meghan Wallace
  • Melissa Duta-llangari
  • Mia Wells
  • Michael Tadrous
  • Molly King
  • Natalie Victory
  • Nicole Miller
  • Nora Romano
  • Ruby Douglas
  • William Flanigan

Ravenwood High

  • Amelia White
  • Dazerna Akamah
  • Faith Nwanso
  • Francesca Cerezo
  • Isabella Valdivia
  • Julian Leftwich
  • Mason Green
  • Vivian Bishop
  • William Parodi

Summit High

  • Boden Richardson
  • Constanza Araoz
  • Emma Parker
  • Jaqueline Dinwiddie
  • Jeremy Riggs
  • Kennedy Fry
  • Lila Dossett
  • Logan Michalak
  • Morgan Schelling
  • Nolan Stein
  • Samantha Hines
  • Sarah Dyk



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