District Message about School Closure

Williamson County Schools (WCS) released the following statement on why schools were closed Wednesday, January 30. Read the entire statement below:

Williamson County Schools made the decision to close school Wednesday, January 30 following a surprising, fast-moving snow event in the northern part of the county.

Following the announcement, we received numerous comments from parents and students who were concerned about the late timing of the decision. Below is a message from the district about the school closure:

The band of snow swept through the northern part of the county when our buses were already on their middle and high school routes. While the predawn reports indicated no accumulation, our bus drivers began sharing that conditions were deteriorating on the roads. Dr. Looney quickly made the decision to close school; end the bus routes; and return bus riders back to their homes. We understand the timing of this weather system was unfortunate, but Dr. Looney always makes the decision to close school based on the safe transportation of children. The elementary students who participate in the School Age Child Care program are being take care of at their schools. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused our families.