WCS Speech and Debate Students Continue Success

WCS Speech and Debate Students Continue Success

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Forensics students at Brentwood and Ravenwood high schools continue to ride their wave of success.

The two teams competed in the Krider Invitational hosted at Henry County High School and earned both group and individual awards in the various categories. Ravenwood High School also placed first in the sweepstakes category, which means those students accumulated the most amount of points throughout the competition.

The students who placed in the top six of their categories are listed below:

Public Forum Debate

  • First: Manavi Bajapi and Ella Bullock-Papa, Ravenwood High
  • Second: Nelson Rose and Chris Alley, Brentwood High
  • Third: William Fiechtel and Trisha Mazumdar, Ravenwood High
  • Fourth: Max Muoto and Lucas Muoto, Ravenwood High
  • Fifth: Oliver Galaska and Avi Patri, Brentwod High
  • Sixth: Ananya Nath and Shreya Shyam, Brentwood High

Program Oral Interpretation

  • First: Sriya Kondapavuluru. Ravenwood High
  • Second: Jirayu Paueksakon, Ravenwood High
  • Third: Natalie Porter, Ravenwood High

Humorous Interpretation

  • First: Fallon O’Donnell, Ravenwood High
  • Sixth: Gavin Brock, Ravenwood High

Original Oratory

  • Second: Mayher Bedi, Ravenwood High
  • Fifth: Kerigan Moore, Ravenwood High

Duo Interpretation

  • Second: Isabella Araujo and Victoria Araujo, Brentwood High
  • Third: Ella Miller and Caroline Meyer, Ravenwood High
  • Fifth: Edward Lee and Ian Brown, Ravenwood High


  • Third: MJ Brown, Brentwood High


  • Second: Natalie Porter, Ravenwood High

Dramatic Interpretation

  • Fourth: Caroline Meyer, Ravenwood High

Impromptu Speaking

  • Fifth: Aryn Chadha, Ravenwood High

Informative Speaking

  • Fifth: Ella Ridlen, Ravenwood High


  • Fifth: Morgan Pritchett, Ravenwood High
  • Sixth: Hanna Bhattacharya, Ravenwood High

Extemporaneous Speaking

  • Sixth: Mithul Nallaka, Brentwood High