WCS Sends Reminder About School Safety Procedures

WCS Sends Reminder About School Safety Procedures

It takes the work of parents, employees and community members to keep students safe and secure during the school day.

As classes begin on August 9, school visitors and employees will be asked to follow these procedures:

  • All visitors must have photo identification before being allowed inside a school. That includes all WCS personnel, who are expected to wear their badges at all times.
  • There will be a standardized method of building entry, sign-in and guest-tracking.
  • The propping open of doors, even temporarily, is prohibited. Exterior doors will be secured to limit entrances into the buildings.

“Parents are part of our security,” said WCS Safety and Security Director Michael Fletcher. “By following those procedures, it helps us maintain that security and keep our students safe.”

At least one School Resource Officer (SRO) is at each building, but Fletcher says we must all stay vigilant when it comes to reporting suspicious activity.

From WCS Infocus