WCS School Board Extends Temporary Mask Mandate

student wearing a mask
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The Williamson County Board of Education voted to extend the temporary mask requirement for students, staff and visitors at all grade levels, inside all buildings and on buses, through January 19, 2022. The Board took this action at its regular meeting Monday, September 20, 2021.

Teachers/staff who are distanced six feet or more may remove their masks while indoors. Teachers/staff may also remove their masks during outside activities. Any essential volunteer working directly with a student is expected to wear a mask.

Governor Bill Lee’s Executive Order 84, signed August 16, allows students to opt-out of any mask requirement made by a school district. While there is an opt-out, WCS continues to strongly recommend, encourage and advise masking for all students, staff and visitors while inside a WCS school, WCS facility and the Central Office.

Principals will share any additional information with families specific to their school.


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