WCS Raises the Score One More Year


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Today at Centennial High School, a press conference was held to announce the latest district ACT composite scores. For the fourth consecutive year in a row, Williamson County Schools (WCS) students have compiled the highest ACT composite score in the history of the district, with a score of 23.8.

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With a goal to have an overall ACT composite score of 24 by the 2017 school year, it looks like WCS students will attain that goal two years ahead of schedule, says Looney.

“Our students never cease to amaze me,” said Superintendent Dr. Mike Looney. “They are relentless in their pursuit of academic excellence, and I am so proud of their hard work. This brings us one step closer to achieving the School Board’s goal of 24.”

With an overall composite score of 23.8, the Hope Scholarship is now attainable to three out of four students in WCS giving families more money to invest in their community. Last year’s graduating class from WCS received over $135.9  million dollars from the Hope Scholarship fund. 

ACT score

Three schools stood out from the ACT composite score list:

Brentwood High – 25.6

Ravenwood High – 25.3

Franklin High – 24.6


Kevin Keidel, Principal of Brentwood High School said he attributes “the high ACT composite score to the number of students taking honors & AP rigorous classes which contributes to their success.”

Fairview High improved the most from last year, going from a 20.2 to a 21.6.

Below is the composite score for each area high school.

Brentwood High – 25.6
Centennial High – 22.8
Fairview High – 21.6
Franklin High – 24.6
Independence High – 22.4
Page High – 23.1
Ravenwood High – 25.3
Rennaisance High – 19.8
Summit High – 22.3

For comparison, Tennessee’s composite ACT score for public school students is 19.8. Nationally, the composite ACT score was 21.

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