WCS students continue to outperform their peers on the ACT test.

From WCS InFocus

WCS students continue to outperform their peers on the ACT test.

Results were released this week, and the WCS Class of 2019 posted an ACT composite score of 25.3 which is well above the State’s average composite score of 20. In fact, WCS ranks first in Tennessee among districts with more than one high school.

Superintendent Jason Golden says this year’s performance is the result of a lot of hard work by teachers and students.

“We are proud of the continued success of our students,” said Golden. “A student’s ACT score is an important measure that can open many doors for them. Moving forward, we’re going to continue to look for ways to prepare our students for the future.”

Additionally, nearly 80 percent of WCS students earned a composite of 21 or better making those students eligible for the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship.

“Our school community knows that this type of success doesn’t happen on accident or overnight,” said Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools Dr. Leigh Webb. “Our teachers continue to provide top-notch K-12 instruction, and our students come to school ready to engage every day. Seeing nearly 80 percent of our students reach an ACT qualifying score for the HOPE Scholarship is not only an amazing feeling, but it is another indication that our students are demonstrating college readiness.”

Below is the list of average composite scores for each high school.

  • Brentwood High – 27.5
  • Centennial High – 22.8
  • Fairview High – 22.0
  • Franklin High – 27.1
  • Independence High – 24.5
  • Nolensville High – 23.8
  • Page High – 25.6
  • Ravenwood High – 27.5
  • Renaissance High – 25.0
  • Summit High – 23.8