media students

Williamson County Schools media students are proving their skills behind the camera are top-notch.

Several WCS high schools performed well at the Tennessee High School Press Association (THSPA) Awards March 4. Students entered categories ranging from sports coverage to public service announcements.

Congratulations to the following students and programs:

Best Overall TV Station

  • First Place: WBHS 9, Brentwood High
  • Second Place: IHS Media, Independence High
  • Third Place (Tie): Franklin Media, Franklin High
  • Third Place (Tie): RHS TV, Ravenwood High

Best Newscast

  • First Place: WBHS 9 Senior News, Brentwood High
  • Second Place: WBHS 9 Level Three News Team, Brentwood High
  • Third Place: IHS News, Independence High

Best News Package:

  • First Place: Garrett Linney and Caroline Hart, Brentwood High
  • Third Place (Tie): Evans Hicks, Jackson Warren and Gavin Haworth, Independence High
  • Third Place (Tie): Cole Hubbard and James Derryberry, Brentwood High

Best Sports Package

  • First Place: RJ Taylor and Garrett Linney, Brentwood High
  • Second Place: Will Jackson, Independence High

Best Short Feature Story

  • First Place (Tie): Cristobal Speilmann, Brentwood High
  • First Place (Tie): Joe Dresher and Ryan Wells, Franklin High
  • Third Place: Ashley Gracia, Brentwood High

Best Live Sports Coverage

  • First Place: WBHS 9 Football Crew, Brentwood High
  • Second Place: WBHS 9 Football Crew, Brentwood High
  • Third Place: IHS Sports Team, Independence High

Best Public Service Announcement

  • First Place: Mia Prouse and Lissie Hayes, Independence High
  • Second Place: Ava Raymond and Savannah Powell, Ravenwood High
  • Third Place: Garrett Linney, Brentwood High

Best Television Reporter

  • First Place: Bella Gordon, Independence High
  • Second Place: Ashley Gracia, Brentwood High
  • Third Place: Graham Mitchell, Independence High

Best Sports Show

  • First Place: Gavin Haworth, Reid Smith, Garret Walker and Jackson Warren, Independence High
  • Second Place: Cole Hubbard and RJ Taylor, Brentwood High
  • Third Place: J Armstrong, Anna Claire Latta, Evan Wheelock and Ivan Chen, Franklin High

Best Commercial

  • First Place: Will McAdams and Ivan Chen, Franklin High
  • Second Place (Tie): James Derryberry, Lena Gurley, Nathan Nance and Sierra Windle, Brentwood High
  • Second Place (Tie): Bryson Sams and Porter Edwards, Franklin High
  • Third Place (Tie): Evans Hicks, Gavin Haworth and Jackson Warren, Independence High
  • Third Place (Tie): Evan Coleman and Amalia Karaman, Ravenwood High

Best Video or Documentary

  • First Place: Captain Franklin, Franklin High
  • Second Place: James Derryberry, Brentwood High

Best Videographer

  • Second Place (Tie): Evans Hicks, Independence High
  • Second Place (Tie): Bryson Sams, Franklin High
  • Third Place: Ava Raymond, Ravenwood High

Best Audio for Video

  • Second Place: RJ Taylor and Garrett Linney, Brentwood High
  • Third Place: Jackson Stofka, Savannah Powell and Nadia Nuyens, Ravenwood High

Best Sports Video

  • First Place: Casey Crowe and Nathan Nance, Brentwood High
  • Second Place: Sam Wilde, Evans Hicks and Bradley Hicks, Independence High
  • Third Place: Ivan Chen, Will McAdams, Evan Wheelock and Nolan Imbrecht, Franklin High

Best Lip Dub

  • First Place: Nathan Nance, Allison Steele, Lena Gurley, Casey Crowe, Sierra Windle, James Derryberry, Garrett Linney and Jack Wilson, Brentwood High

Best Music Video

  • First Place: Will McAdams, Will Matteson, Seth Woodruff and Caley Chapman, Franklin High
  • Second Place: Sara Rikard, Hannah Brazzell and Avery Anderson, Franklin High