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WCS students continue to outperform their peers on the ACT test. According to results released August 24, the district’s 2016 graduating class posted an ACT composite score of 23.8, matching the highest score in district history achieved last year.

Williamson County Schools also outscored the state average of 19.9 (19.4 for public schools) and the national average of 20.8 with 97 percent of WCS students taking the ACT.

Superintendent Dr. Mike Looney says he is proud of the hard work of WCS students, teachers and administrators.

“Our ACT testing participation rate is exceptionally high, and when you compare our participation rate and our results, it is clear WCS students are second to none,” said Looney. “I am confident the Class of 2017 will meet our School Board strategic plan goal of an average composite score of 24 on the ACT.”

Forty-four percent of the 2016 graduating class scored at or above all four college readiness benchmarks established by ACT. By comparison, the state and national graduating classes scored 20 percent (17 percent for public schools) and 26 percent, respectively.

According to the same reporting, at press time, 72 percent of the 2016 graduating class scored a composite of 21 or better making those students eligible for the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship.

Brentwood High posted the highest average of any Williamson County school with a 26.3, and Renaissance High improved the most from last year, going from a 19.8 to a 22.4. Below is a complete list of each Williamson County high school and its ACT composite score for the Class of 2016.

Brentwood High – 26.3
Centennial High – 21.9
Fairview High – 20.8
Franklin High – 24.9
Independence High – 23.1
Page High – 22.4
Ravenwood High – 25.3
Renaissance High – 22.4
Summit High – 22.5

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