WCS Kindness Projects Come to Roost

kindness wcs

Kindness birds created by WCS art students during the past five months are coming to roost at the Williamson County Public Library.

The “Kindness Takes Flight” project began at Centennial High School under art teacher Nichole Guerrini.

Now the project has made its way to the Williamson County Public Library where it will be on display beginning Sunday, January 28 and last for the entire month of February. The birds will be placed in the rotunda area on the first floor.

Throughout the fall semester, high school students across the district collaborated on a project to spread kindness throughout the county, and beyond.

Students in Guerrini’s visual arts courses created their own birds using materials like paper mache. Each bird also contained a message of hope, kindness and inspiration.

After making their birds, the students packaged them all up and sent the flock on to another WCS school for their messages to be delivered to other visual arts students. As students received the messages of kindness from their peers across the county, they were inspired to make birds of their own.

As the flock of birds grew, so did their message. What started as 40 birds has grown to hundreds.

After they leave the Williamson County Public Library, the birds will migrate south to schools in Louisiana where they will continue to spread their message of kindness.

The library is located at 1314 Columbia Ave.