wcs assassin game

From inFocus

Williamson County Schools wants to remind parents and students about the dangers and consequences of a game that some students in our community are playing.

“We have heard reports that some students have been playing the ‘assassin’ game which involves teams of students using ‘Nerf’ type weapons to ‘attack’ other teams at the bus stop, their home and other locations,” said WCS Safety and Security Director Mike Fletcher. “These fake guns cannot be brought onto school property which includes school buses, and these games are not supported by Williamson County Schools.”

Any student bringing a weapon, fake or real, on a bus or to school will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In addition, that student will face school discipline. There are also concerns among law enforcement that in an effort to win, students may put their lives in danger when they are playing the game while driving.

Parents are encouraged to reinforce to students that bringing a weapon or making a threat will lead to significant consequences. And, please tell your child if he or she sees or hears something of concern to say something to a trusted adult.

“School safety involves all of us,” said Fletcher.