school safety
WCS Safety and Security Director Mike Fletcher speaks to teachers and staff during Monday's safety meeting at the Ag Expo Park.

From WCS inFocus

WCS is continuing to address school safety. The district will host a community meeting at the Church of the City in Franklin to discuss safety and security in our schools.

Originally, the community meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, March 6 but it has been postponed until Tuesday, March 20 so school district staff can share additional information with the School Board beforehand.

“Part of our plans include addressing capital issues that require discussion with our Board before discussion with the public,” said Deputy Superintendent Jason Golden. “The School Board meets on March 19, and we plan to share some additional safety information with that group then.”

The March 20 meeting will begin at 6 p.m. at the Church of the City in Franklin to discuss safety and security throughout the district.

Recently, the district canceled school for students so that employees could review their site-specific safety plans. Then, teachers and staff from every school and office in the district gathered at the Ag Expo Park to hear from numerous guest speakers including WCS Safety and Security Director Mike Fletcher, WCS Counseling Specialist Becky Mitchell and Williamson County Sheriff Jeff Long.

“While the district has had safety plans in place for years, the purpose of Monday was to review and evaluate our current system to keep our students as safe as possible,” said Fletcher. “Parents are an important part of the plan as well.”

Last week, Superintendent Looney shared with parents some safety reminders and changes to take effect immediately:

  • All visitors must have photo identification before being allowed inside a school. That includes all WCS personnel, who are expected to wear their badges at all times.
  • There will be a standardized method of building entry, sign-in, and guest-tracking.
  • The propping open of doors, even temporarily, is prohibited. Exterior doors will be secured to limit entrances into the buildings.
  • Security Resource Officers (SROs) will be more visible on campus. They will perform more school walk-throughs and checks throughout the day.

The March 20 community meeting will begin at 6 p.m. at the Church of the City in Franklin. It is located at 828 Murfreesboro Road.