Page high school

From WCS inFocus

Three Williamson County high schools have launched new outlets for their students interested in journalism: online newspapers.

Fairview, Independence and Page high schools now offer a different place for students, faculty and community members to stay updated on things happening in the school. Students will write the content and keep the site updated with the supervision of a teacher.

The Fairview High online newspaper is called The Swarm.

“The students who inspired the creation of the school paper are very excited to be making history, as this is Fairview High School’s first online paper,” said Fairview High teacher Laura Lowry. “The motivation to start the paper and the hard work that goes into the articles is really the work of the students. They are looking forward to having a space written for the students and the community.”

The Independence High newspaper is called IndyNow.

“The launch of IndyNow is the culmination of hard work and planning on the part of our student editorial staff,” said Independence High teacher Diane Fender. “The journalism students show great dedication and skill, and we are all proud and excited to share the news from Independence High School online.”

The Page High online newspaper is called Patriot News.

“I’m excited for students to have the opportunity to work in an online newspaper and blog platform,” said Page High teacher Megan Stitt. “In a world where so many people receive their information online, being a part of that is pretty amazing. The skills they will learn can open so many doors for them in the future.”

All high schools had the opportunity to have an online newspaper housed on the Williamson County Schools site. Teachers had to participate in extensive training in order for their school to participate.