WCS Closed March 6th and March 9th Due to Coronavirus Preparedness Plan

Williamson County Schools have announced schools will be closed Friday, March 6th and Monday, March 9th due to a case of coronavirus in Williamson County.

Williamson County Schools posted the following on Facebook:

As part of our preparedness plan and as an additional precaution, Williamson County Schools will be closed districtwide for deep cleaning on Friday, March 6 and Monday, March 9. The School Age Child Care program will also be closed. All extracurricular activities will be cancelled until campuses can be deep cleaned. Schools will communicate if their events are cleared to occur.

These days will count as inclement weather days, so we will have seven remaining days after March 9.

As mentioned in our district newsletter, InFocus, on Tuesday, the Tennessee Department of Health is providing information about COVID-19 on its website. Additional information about symptoms, prevention, treatment and testing is available on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website.

WCS nurses are encouraging families to follow the recommendations of the CDC to prevent the spread of flu. Those include regular handwashing, cough etiquette and staying home if you are sick. Parents can visit our website for the complete list of WCS illness guidelines.

We will continue to follow the guidance of our local and state health departments, and please know that we are committed to updating you with information as it becomes available to us.


  1. Any info on where the current person with the virus has traveled or how he was exposed? Also how old is he and who has he been around?

  2. Question: was the individual infected with the Coronavirus an employee at one of the Williamson County Schools? If yes, parents deserve to know with more specificity where and when were their children exposed to the virus? If no, why then aren’t all of the local government buildings closing to sanitize and disinfect?

    I called the Nashville Health Department inquiring about coronavirus symptoms (sinus drainage, deep cough, low grade fever, etc., which others in the local community are now experiencing. They advised that the individual was tested because he traveled outside of the country, but it was reported that he only traveled out of state. They also advised that the Nashville area doesn’t have enough coronavirus test kits and will only use the test kits available sparingly. In my opinion, it just doesn’t appear as though local authorities are being fully transparent. Time will tell!

  3. More information was just reported regarding the local coronavirus incident. My questions have been answered and I am satisfied with the level of transparency being demonstrated by local health and school officials. Great reporting Williamson Source!

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