WCS Celebrations Continue with Classified Employees of the Year

From WCS inFocus

Williamson County Schools is continuing to celebrate its hardworking staff members by honoring the WCS Classified Employees of the Year.

Each school and department selects a classified employee to honor, and an employee from the elementary, middle and high school level is selected as the system-wide Classified Employee of the Year. On February 8, system-wide winners were surprised with a visit and a thank you from Superintendent Jason Golden. Click here to view all the winners

1Elementary Employee of the Year

The elementary school Employee of the Year is Westwood Elementary’s Mona White. White is the school’s bookkeeper.

“I am truly honored,” White said. “I am amazed that I would be selected to represent this wonderful group of hardworking individuals who make up the Elementary Classified Employees of Williamson County.”

2Middle Employee of the Year

Spring Station Middle’s Cindy Schwark is the middle school Classified Employee of the Year. She is a special education teaching assistant.

“I am beyond flabbergasted and humbled,” Schwark said. “I do really need to thank all my coworkers and administration. It is because of them that I have done this job for so many years with encouragement and enthusiasm. I am truly blessed to really love my job.”

3High Employee of the Year

The high school Classified Employee of the Year is Centennial High’s front office secretary Mamie Jeter.

“To receive such an honor in a school and county system that you are proud to be a part of is simply overwhelming in a wonderful way,” Jeter said. “To be recognized and appreciated for the job you are doing is the best reward you can receive.”


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