WCS Asks Parents To Be Aware of E-Mail Survey

Williamson County Schools

The following was just released by Carol Birdsong, communications director of Williamson County Schools. Williamson Source will bring more on this as it develops.

“Hello, Williamson County Schools parents. This is Carol Birdsong, communications director, calling on behalf of Superintendent Dr. Mike Looney. Dr. Looney asked me to let you know that there’s a survey, which appears to be political in nature, being circulated. This survey is not sanctioned or sponsored by Williamson County Schools.

While we cannot confirm how email addresses were gathered, it appears they were taken from school PTO listserves. The subject line of the email reads “Participate in Williamson County Schools Survey.”   The top of the survey reads “Williamson County Schools Parent-Sponsored Survey.” The email is sent from “Debbie Deaver, Williamson County School Parent.” We have checked our records and she is not a current parent in WCS. While there is a disclaimer at the bottom of the email, we have heard from many parents who are concerned about this email and the survey and the fact that both are misleading.

If you were to receive an official email from Williamson County Schools or a WCS staff member, it would end with @wcs.edu.  Again, please know that Williamson County Schools is not conducting a parent survey nor have we authorized anyone to do so on our behalf. Thank you. “