WCS AP Capstone Students Set New District Record

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WCS students have broken another district record. Fifty-two students earned the Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone Diploma, and 22 earned the AP Seminar and Research Certificate. The previous record, set during the 2021 exam season, was 41 AP Capstone Diplomas and 22 AP Seminar and Research Certificates.

Students from Fairview, Independence, Page and Ravenwood high schools are all represented among the recipients.

“The AP Capstone program prepares high school students for the rigor of college,” said Page High teacher Cathy Koczaja. “In Capstone, they learn the critical thinking and research skills necessary to excel in their future endeavors. They also leave high school with a deep understanding of the research process and have a personal research paper in hand to show their mastery. They are truly members of the research community with the skills to be thoughtful and critical learners, thinkers and consumers of information.”

To earn the AP Capstone Diploma, students must earn scores of three or higher in AP Seminar, AP Research and four additional AP exams. Students who earn a three or higher on their AP Seminar and AP Research exams but not on four additional exams receive the AP Seminar and Research Certificate.

Congratulations to the students listed below:

Fairview High

AP Capstone Diploma

  • Jacob Clevenger
  • Jazmine Gonzalez
  • Lily Mobley
  • Henry Nash
  • Ella Ryerson
  • Lauren Terry
  • Micah White
  • Noelle Wiggs

AP Seminar and Research Certificate

  • Brooklyn Bilderback
  • Bianca Lovisaro

Independence High

AP Capstone Diploma

  • Ashley Bell
  • Asher Brown
  • Rebecca Davis
  • Ava Gordon
  • Jackson Hayes
  • Haylie McKinney
  • Emma Newton
  • Shelby Snider

AP Seminar and Research Certificate

  • Michelle Briceno
  • Dila Elbi
  • Samuel Griffey
  • Michael Pearson
  • Natalia Raciborski
  • Meredith Vanhorn

Page High

AP Capstone Diploma

  • Bryson Boone
  • Sofia Cuevas
  • Kaetlyn Davis
  • Josef Dosch
  • Layne Foeder
  • Gabel Gawthorpe
  • Tyler Johnson
  • Mandy King
  • Broderick Labott
  • Cynthia Liang
  • Carter Luke
  • Emelie McKenzie
  • Jack Peltier
  • Owen Singleton

AP Seminar and Research Certificate

  • Arabella Best
  • Madison Slater

Ravenwood High

AP Capstone Diploma

  • Gauri Adarsh
  • Annika Bhargava
  • Vivian Bishop
  • Varun Bussa
  • Francesca Cerezo
  • Indraneel Chavan
  • Kara Furman
  • Ashima Grover
  • Grace Gstell
  • Mia Guiliano
  • Blake Holloway
  • Andrew Kim
  • Margaret Macgurn
  • Ella Montgomery
  • Ayah Nofal
  • Nithyashree Prabhu
  • Anshika Prasad
  • Katelyn Rowan
  • Cameron Sanchez
  • Cynthia Xu
  • Linda Xu
  • Debra Zhang

AP Seminar and Research Certificate

  • Ananya Antony
  • Jaishva Bhatt
  • Christina Chen
  • Patrick Fiechtl
  • Sarah Markuson
  • Sophie McAtee
  • Christina Qi
  • Hemachandra Rambha
  • Malvika Rao
  • Madeline Schaefer
  • Ananya Tanjore
  • Camden Walker



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