From WCS inFocus

Williamson County Schools and the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office are working together to warn students and parents about the dangers of vaping. WCS and the WSCO teamed up to create a series of Public Service Announcements (PSAs).

“We’re seeing evidence of the rise of vaping in the district, certainly as it impacts our students,” said WCS Safety and Security Director Michael Fletcher. “As with any new trend, we still don’t know the dangers and long-lasting effects of vaping. It’s important to work as a community to educate our youth in making the right decisions.”

The PSAs aim to inform parents and students about the consequences of vaping and e-cigarettes, as well as actions being taken in the school buildings.

“Parents, it’s important to take the time to understand what vaping is and its impact on your child’s health,” Fletcher said. “The danger of vaping is not only associated with nicotine, but other substances including THC. We are taking an aggressive stance in WCS both in the prevention and detection of these substances in our buildings. If we discover this contraband in our schools, parents need to know that students will be disciplined by the district and the court system.”