Your Waxing FAQs Answered

Source: Waxing the City Franklin Facebook

Have you considered visiting a waxing studio but felt intimidated? Or maybe you’re worried it will be painful? Or perhaps you just don’t know enough about waxing to determine if its a good option for you. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding waxing.

Is waxing painful?
When you first begin a waxing routine, pain is just a fact that you can’t escape, but the more that you wax, the easier and less painful it becomes over time.

Are there things that I can do to make it less painful?
Sure! Minimize your exposure to the sun before and after as well, as this makes your skin more sensitive. Also, remember to stay hydrated, apply a great moisturizer and exfoliate your skin before and after, making your hair and skin softer and more pliant. Finally, right before your session, you can pop an ibuprofen or Tylenol to reduce any pain you might feel.

Also, at Waxing the City in Franklin, their staff is expertly trained, making waxing as pain free as possible.

Will waxing make my hair grow back thicker and darker?
No! Waxing removes the hair from the root. When you wax, you actually damage the hair follicle. It takes time for that hair to even begin to grow back and most people are completely hairless for a couple weeks before they have to worry about it. The hair that grows back is thinner than before.

How long does the hair need to be for a waxing session?
Typically about a quarter of an inch.

How often would I need to get waxed?
Everyone is different and it depends what part of the body you are getting waxed. Hair growth will continue to slow the more waxing sessions you have, but many only get waxed once a month at the beginning of the regimen, working towards only having waxing appointments every 6-8 weeks after continued sessions.

Can’t I just wax at home?
Seeking out a professional for your waxing is incredibly important as waxing can be very painful if done incorrectly. If the hair is not pulled out completely with the root intact, you can often end up with ingrown hairs, bumps, and other issues. At Waxing the City in Franklin, you’ll be waxed by a Cerologist™. What’s a Cerologist™? The licensed estheticians at Waxing the City take waxing very seriously, which led the company to create their very own title of Cerologist™ technicians, which combines “cera” (Latin for wax) with “ologist” (to indicate their level of education and expertise).Only Waxing the City studios have Cerologists, so don’t look for them at other salons.

This information is brought to you by the waxing pros at Waxing the City in Franklin. Waxing the City is a place for both women and men who can receive a wax from head to toe. Waxing the City offers a full array of waxing services: bikini, Brazilian, eyebrows, lips, nose, ears, legs, arms, back, and chest. Unlike other waxing salons, they offer both hard and soft wax. In addition to waxing services, they provide clients with brow and lash tinting.

Visit them at 3046 Columbia Ave, Franklin TN 37064.