Watering your Lawn

watering a lawn

By: Abagail Falletti, lawnmowerclub.com

We realize every lawn needs sunlight, soil, and water. We know how to give it fertilizer
and good soil, but what about watering? In this article, we discuss when
to water your lawn, how much water is necessary and more. A watered lawn is extremely important, but it is not as simple as turning on a sprinkler. Whether you have two acres of grass or a small suburban lot of grass, if you follow these four simple rules, you won’t go wrong and you will give your lawn the best advantage in any condition.

When to Water

You need to water your lawn about two to three times a week, not every day. (remember,
when it rains it’s not necessary to water.) Seriously, many folks water the lawn just as much during a rainy spell. If you do this or tend to water every day, your yard will develop a “Shallow Root System”. This is when your lawn gets too wet and your grass weakens, making it more venerable in sudden weather changes. Besides, watering every day is just a hassle. When you do water your lawn, try to do it in the morning ( about 5:00 am to 10;00 am. ) It’s less cold and windy in the morning. Watering at night can lead to fungus and weeds. To eliminate the fungus, just decrees the amount of water you’re giving your lawn.

How Much to Water

Your lawn will need at least one and a half inches of water per week, so remember to water. If you forget to water your lawn for long periods of time, your yard will dry out quickly. You need to water your lawn throughout the year, including in winter time.

Watering Differences to do with Weather

We all know of one thing that makes a difference in watering your lawn, the weather. The
hotter it is outside, the more water your lawn needs. If it is above 80
degrees for multiple days, then you might want to water your lawn a tad more for that limited time period. If you are having windy and hot days, increase the watering by two inches a week instead. Remember this, especially if you have fescue grass. This grass is thinner and can become drier.

How to tell if you’ve watered your lawn enough

One of the most accurate tricks would be to submerge a screwdriver into the grass. If
the screwdriver easily sinks five to seven inches, then your lawn is receiving enough water. On the other hand, if you have to firmly push down the screwdriver, it means it’s too dry, so try giving it a bit more water. If the screwdriver sinks more then seven inches, you have watered too much. This trick works in most situations, mostly with Fescue Grass. I would recommend trying this trick once a month.

I hope these little tips have helped you grow and maintain a beautiful lawn.

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