Essex County
photo from Essex County Facebook

A new Walker Chevrolet commercial features country band Essex County. This isn’t the first time the Chevrolet dealership, located in Franklin, has featured a country artist in its commercial; Tracy Lawrence has appeared in a commercial in the past.

Essex County consists of three brothers- Nathan, Kieran, and Mark Bass from Essex, United Kingdom but they now call Nashville home.

On Facebook, they shared, “Our 1st commercial in the USA 🇺🇸 thank you Chevrolet this was so much Fun”

As Essex County shops for a car in the showroom, they show the car salesman requesting the group on Spotify as he demonstrates a car to another potential buyer.

It’s when the song starts playing that the buyer notices Essex County sitting in the car next to them as their song “So Good” starts to play.

To which the group says, doesn’t this song sound so good on these speakers?

Watch the full commercial below. Follow Essex County on Facebook for the latest updates.

WALKER CHEVY – ESSEX COUNTY from MotionPoet on Vimeo.


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