Jimmy Fallon

If you have been following our story about Franklin High School Senior,Andrew Kochamba, then you know that he headed to New York to shadow Jimmy Fallon for Senior Shadow Day.  We’ve been following Andrew’s tweets to watch his progress throughout the day.  It seems it started with a little anxiety last night about the big day ahead.

Then Andrew shared his commentary from the Nashville airport, sharing Popeyes has a 100 health score and there’s a Blue Coast Burrito at the airport.  Then he updated about his flight.

We are guessing he wrote this tweet from a taxi while talking of traffic in New York.

Soon after Andrew launched a Periscope where he asks Fallon questions as part of his Senior Shadow Day.

Why did you want to shadow me, says Fallon?

I love the show, all the positive things you are doing. it’s fun to watch.

Did you think it was going to happen?  Fallon asks.

I didn’t think it was going to happen

Andrew asked questions of Fallon.

What’s the best part of your job?

Making people laugh

What were you doing when 17 or 18?

Talent contest, going to high school, no connections to the business,  not my parents-nobody. Fallon tells Andrew of how he entered his first talent contest while he was in high school. Then he talk about his family, My family was a middle class family. I entered a contest where I had 2 minutes to do impressions. I won that talent show and went on to enter other talent shows.

You watch the full Periscope here but do it quickly before it disappears.

Andrew’s mother just posted on her Facebook page that Andrew will be appearing during a commercial before the show and at the very end of the show. Jimmy Fallon Releases Phone Call to Franklin Senior