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It’s a midsummer treat, Walmart just announced the launch of 49 new Great Value ice cream flavors.

Some of the premium flavors include Cotton Candy Craze, Banana Puddin’ and I’ll Have S’Mores.

The new flavors include premium, no sugar added, light, sherbet, and frozen yogurt lines in 48-oz tubs for about $7 each.  With these prices and choices of flavors, we think you could easily host a Sundae Funday party this summer.

See the complete listing of the flavors below.

Premium flavors:

– Strawberry Cheesecake Forever
– Bet Your Butter Pecan
– That Green Nut
– Rocky Road Adventure
– Down by the Sea Salt Caramel
– Cotton Candy Craze
– Break-Up Brownie
– Cinn-fully Delicious
– Banana Puddin’
– #Chocolate
– Peanut Butta’ Tracks
– Ahh Fudge… Tracks
– Legend Cherry
– Sour Pucker Punch
– Pralines and Caramel, and Cream, Oh My!
– Toffee Philosophy
– I’ll Have S’mores
– Choco Coco
– I *heart* PB

Core flavors:

– Coffee
– Cookies & Cream
– Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
– Homestyle Vanilla
– Neapolitan
– French Vanilla
– Vanilla Bean
– Strawberry
– Mint Cookies & Cream
– Chocolate
– Mint Chocolate Chip
– Chocolate Chip

Light flavors

– Vanilla
– Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
– Chocolate
– Butter Pecan
– Cookies & Cream
– Strawberry

No Sugar Added flavors

– Chocolate
– Vanilla
– Mint Chocolate Chip
– Butter Pecan


– Tropical
– Orange
– Raspberry
– Rainbow

Frozen Yogurt

– Chocolate
– Vanilla
– Cherry Chocolate Chip
– Mango Raspberry



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