“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Educators are some of our most valued people, but perhaps not always recognized for their hard work. Williamson Source would like to give you the chance to recognize an educator who has made a positive impact on your life with our 2017 Williamson County Educator of the Year Award.

For the past few weeks, we’ve held nominations for our Williamson County Educator of the Year Award. Now, it’s time to vote. Voting is open until 6pm April 29th

This poll has ended (since 3 years).

Vote for Your Favorite

Daniel Vermillion, Allendale Elementary
Mrs. Tammie Wetherholt, Grassland Elementary
David Aydelott, Franklin High School
Ray Scheetz, Franklin High School
Cameron Gish, Assistant Principal Mill Creek Middle
Johnna Wright, Mill Creek Middle School
Deborah Mace, Franklin High School
Emily Ferguson, College Grove Elementary
Kari Miller Principal Mill Creek Middle
Dan Dixon, Mill Creek Middle School
Mrs. Jennifer White, Grassland Elementary

If you would still like to nominate someone, please e-mail us at andrea.hinds@williamsonsource.com and include the name of your nominee and what school or learning institution they work. Comments on why you are nominating this person are welcomed and encouraged, but not necessary.

Educator of the Year is open to all educators in Williamson County. Nominated educators can be educators from the kindergarten level through college and can be an educator in any field.

Those eligible include: teachers and assistant teachers at local schools or other learning institutions (such as a tutoring company, music school, etc); principals and vice principals at local schools and professors at local colleges.

Those eligible must be an educator in Williamson County, but it is not required that they be a resident of Williamson County.


  1. We think highly of Mr Vermillian, such a wonderful man who makes learning fun and creates an environment the kids love and flourish in.

  2. Mr Vermillion is an amazing teacher. I have volunteered in his classroom and not only is he an amazing instructor, he empowers kids. Even “problem kids” and those having issues. My daughter has gone from a timid child to a self confident child that helps others struggling and makes fantastic grades. Under his guidance. Her year with Dr Vernillion just proves that amazing teachers still change kids lives for the better everyday. He is a hero in my books.

  3. Mr. Vermillion was an answer to our prayers. My son thrived in his class and LOVED going to school to learn. I only wish he would move up a grade each year so we could experience his precious soul and love for teaching the children.

  4. Mr. Vermillion is a wonderful teacher who goes above and beyond for his students. He is a rare gem and Allendale is lucky to have him. If it weren’t for Mr.V, my son would not want to go to school.

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