Williamson County Fair

With just over 100 days until the annual Williamson County Fair begins, the organization is ramping up efforts to secure volunteers to assist with the nine-day event. Opportunities are available for individuals, families, small and large groups, as well as businesses and civic organizations, to help with activities throughout the Fair.

“Volunteers are the heart of the Williamson County Fair and those of us on the Board are the first to say that we couldn’t do it without them,” Williamson County Fair Chairman Rogers Anderson said. “However, as we continue to grow and enhance the activities each year, we always have a need for more volunteers and committee chairmen to continue with our success.”

Serving in the role of Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator is Chelsey McMahon, a graduate of Independence High School who has served as chairman of the Junior Fair Board, co-chair for the event’s livestock shows and a 4-H agent with the Williamson County Fair. She created the Chick Hatchery in the popular 4-H & Youth Village exhibit that began in 2017 and the Farm Eggs division within the agriculture category of competitive events.

McMahon is also assisting with the production of this year’s competitive events catalog, which will be available online beginning in May.

“I grew up attending the Fair regularly and have a great appreciation for this event and my hometown,” McMahon said. “The energy and enthusiasm from all the volunteers keeps the Fair excitement alive all year round, and I am looking forward to meeting new faces who are interested in contributing their time this year.”

The Williamson County Fair begins Friday, August 3 and runs through Saturday, August 11, 2018. Volunteer shifts are scheduled in four-hour time slots and will be coordinated with the chairman of the volunteer’s requested area of service.

For those interested in a leadership position, the Board is seeking chairmen for its Agriculture Committee and Junior Fair Board. The Agriculture Chair will oversee the subcommittees and ensure that entries are received timely and displayed for the public to view and enjoy. Chairmen are typically present for the majority of the time during the Fair’s nine days. The Junior Fair Board Chair will help coordinate youth volunteers and lead four Junior Fair Board meetings prior to the Fair. Chairmen are also expected to attend monthly Board meetings.

Anyone interested in volunteering may email [email protected] or call Chelsey McMahon at 615-504-2562. To stay up to date with the Williamson County Fair, visit www.facebook.com/williamsoncountyfair or www.williamsoncountyfair.org.