Video: Luke Bryan Football Party Patrol

Luke Bryan will give you a good laugh in this video.

Jimmy Fallon, Luke Bryan, and the Roots Tariq Trotter team up for “Football Party Patrol” in a Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon skit.

The party patrol arrives on the scene to the football-watching event that seems to have overlooked the most important aspect- snacks.

Bryan, Fallon, and Trotter appear in 70’s hairstyles and Fallon dons a 70s style mustache. Rapping about his favorite snack guac, Bryan says he wishes he could get paid in guac.

Fallon, however, stinks the place up with his choice of snack, cod. Determined to make everyone love his microwaved cod, Fallon makes his fellow patrol pals take a bite. And, you have to watch to see what happens next.

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