Victim Identified in Franklin Fatal Shooting; Suspect Charged with Criminal Homicide

From Franklin Police

brenton johnson
brenton johnson

Guillermo Leon, a 57-year-old resident of Reville Court, in Franklin, was shot at 5:15, Tuesday night, during an argument outside of his home.

Leon had just arrived home when he and 27-year-old Brenton Johnson, who was visiting the nearby home of a relative, exchanged words. Johnson shot Leon during the argument, and Leon died at the hospital a short time later.

Guillermo Leon’s family is devastated by his loss. Franklin Police are working closely with Leon’s family to support them during a period of unimaginable trauma.

Charged with Criminal Homicide, Johnson is being held on the $400,000 bond set by the Magistrate. No word, yet, on his court date.


  1. If funny how the justice system this man just got his bond lowered an is able to rome free again theirs no update on that.

    • Where did you hear his bond was lowered? Is he free on bond? I have been looking for updated information. Any source info you can direct me to would be appreciated.

  2. It doesn’t matter who he killed he should be in jail and not roaming free. Next time he will kill a white person and then the justice system will not even consider him leaving jail.

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