Vic and the Spoils Opens Concert 4 the Cure with Tribute to 70s

Vic and the Spoils

Concert 4 the Cure is just a few short days away on the Great Lawn at Westhaven. The musical event happening Sept 8th promises to bring something for everyone with music covering the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

The evening features music by Vic and the Spoils, Resurrection – A Journey Tribute Band and Fastball.

We spoke with Vic White of Vic and the Spoils on how the band came to be and what we can expect at Concert 4 the Cure.

A neighborhood jam becomes a band

When Westhaven first opened as a neighborhood in 2003, some neighbors gathered for a block party and since you can’t have a party without music, some folks grabbed their instruments and jammed.

“The block parties grew and so I headed it up and made sure we had enough people playing and enough singers while adding new stuff each year. It’s really primarily a neighborhood thing,” says White.

Depending on who is in town, the band can have anywhere from seven to eight singers with seven musicians on stage at one time. Band members range from professional musicians to record label executives and includes Keith Landry formerly with Toto.

In talking about how the name of band, White says, “The band was asked to do a gig outside of the neighborhood and we didn’t really have a name so I just gave it a name on the fly.”

While the band enjoys playing together, most have other jobs and performing as Vic and Spoils only comes around for events like Concert 4 the Cure, a concert they’ve played almost every year since it began at Westhaven.

“We only get to play a couple of times a year, we will meet in my garage a few hours before the show which is about all of the rehearsal we will have before we perform. But it’s fun,” says White. “It’s a mixture of fun and hardwork, and often we don’t see each other until we get together to play.”

White added, “It’s neat to play in your backyard. There are so many people who donate equipment which turns Westhaven into a full outdoor concert, it’s the big time for the little neighborhood jam.”

Vic and the Spoils will perform at 5:30 p, opening with an Aretha Franklin song followed by music from the 70s including Earth, Wind, and Fire, Toto, ABBA, Bob Sieger, Jackson Browne, Foreigner and more. Vic White will also be performing with Resurrection- A Journey Tribute Band at 6:45 followed by Fastball at 8:30 p.

Concert 4 the Cure is located at The Great Lawn at the Westhaven Resident’s Club, 401 Cheltenham Avenue, Franklin. Purchase tickets for the event online here.