V. Rose New Christian Artist Debuts Album on April 22

V Rose

A formidable female-fusion of modern pop unlike anything else Christian music has to offer is Inpop’s latest prodigy, pop artist V.Rose. This vibrant young artist is making a splash with her debut release Young Dangerous Heart set to hit shelves and digital markets April 22.

The 13-track album is a sonic blast collection that is packed tight with power-pop grooves fueled by forgiveness, informed by truth; an empowering reminder for the younger generation who may be struggling to find themselves.

“The transition from the teenage years to being a young adult is such a vulnerable place,” explains the 27-year old. “You can grow into being a strong, confident person or an insecure and confused, all depending on whether you play it safe and try to make people happy or whether you can listen and follow God’s voice in your heart. If you can do that, true joy is within reach.”

The first radio single, a cover of the mega church hit “Sinking Deep” is already raising eyebrows of critics and radio promoters far and wide. She partnered up with producer Jordan Sapp (Jason Derulo, Blanca) to create a pulsating ballad that perfectly captures the spirit of the singer.

“When I first heard it, it was like the song was waiting for me,” says V.Rose. “I was struck by the purity and honesty in the lyric, zoning in on that moment where it’s just you and God. Effortless and beautiful. And that’s exactly what the recording was like. Just me and God.”

When we asked V. Rose about Hillsong Young and Free’s “Sinking Deep.” Of all the worship songs out there, why did you choose to rend your version of this worship piece?

“Behind every amazing artist is and an every more amazing team. My team brought the song to me to see if I could hear myself singing that song and interpreting it and I fell in love with the it and I was honored at the opportunity to cover a Hillsong Y&F song!”

Co-produced by longtime friend and mentor Spec, Young Dangerous Heart is the follow up to the EP Hearts Up released last fall, but V.Rose has earned her performance stripes at festivals, camps and conferences all over the country with major chart-topping artists.

In choosing the album name of Young Dangerous Heart V. Rose said.

“I always write from personal experience and with this album I wanted to share my experience with finding myself and use that to encourage others who are on that same venture. I know there are so may influences around us and our heart can be torn on which way to follow but ultimately it’s God who knows who we are and who He made us to be and we must follow Him against all odds.I decided to start blogging on my website mostly because I wanted to write down some of the cool stuff in my head. You will find cool “DIY” posts on there as well as behind the song write ups for my new music. It is really just a place I can say whatever is on my mind and in my heart that week and also encourage someone at the same time.”

V.Rose is breaking the mold of what it means to be a female artist in the music industry.For more information on V.Rose and Young Dangerous Heart, please visit V.Rose music and Inpop records.

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