6 Tips to Keep Your Feet Happy When Traveling

FLY London boutiqueMMM

If you are headed out on a business trip, you might want to pack more than heels for the office. Otherwise, you might panic when it’s suggested you take a quick walking tour of the city or walk three blocks for lunch.

Traveling with the family might not be much different. You can pack your favorite workout shoes but if you are traveling through Europe and it’s on your bucket list to visit a Michelin restaurant, those chunky tennis shoes won’t work.

Here are a few suggestions on choosing the right shoes for your summer travel.

  1. Pack no more than three pairs of shoes.

2. Keep your wardrobe in the same color palette so you can easily mix and match creating several outfits.

3. Wear your biggest shoes on the plane to help save space in your suitcase.

4. Invest in good socks- avid travelers will suggest smart wool.

5. Don’t forget to bring foot care with you. While you don’t intend to have blisters, pack band-aids or bring prevention strips to wear during a heavy walking day.

6. Invest in a good pair of walking shoes. Travelers rave about FLY London shoes. The chunky wedge shoes with adjustable straps so you can be comfortable all day. If your feet tend to swell during the day, you can widen the straps to make the needed width.

FLY London was created in the UK in 1994 and it’s owned by Fortunato O. Frederico & Ca Lda with head office and production in Portugal. It has a reputation for being one of the most comfortable travel shoes as reported by the New York Times. 

You can purchase a pair of FLY London shoes at boutiqueMMM located at 238 Public Square, Franklin. Hours of operation are Monday – Saturday 10 a – 6 p, Sunday noon – 5 p. Follow them on Facebook for the latest offerings.



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