How to Use a Floor Sample to Select New Flooring

Sample Box Carpet One McCalls
photo from Carpet One

Flooring is a major purchase for your home. Not only is it a major expense, but it’s also not as easy to change your flooring as it is to change your wall color.

Carpet One provides tips on How to Use Flooring Samples to Pick New Floors by offering these simple steps. Before you begin to select your floors, you can order samples from their website here.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself after you receive your samples.

Does this fit with the style of the room? 

After seeing the sample in person, does the color or styling of the floor match the look of the room you want to accomplish.

How do the samples look in different lighting? 

Take a look at the samples at different times of the day- morning, noon, and evening. See how the samples look with your lighting sources overhead lighting, lamps, or can lights.

Do the samples look the same in different rooms? 

If you are planning a continuous flooring like carpet or hardwood, see how the color looks in different rooms.

What does the sample look like after being left there for a day? 

Sometimes you initially like a floor sample but after leaving it in one spot for a day, you may change your mind or you may like it even more.


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