Untapped Discoveries: Devils Backbone Vienna Lager

Untapped Discoveries

Devils Backbone Vienna Lager

Brewed By:
Devils Backbone Brewing Company
Roseland, Virginia

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Style | ABV
Lager – Vienna / Amber | 4.9% ABV

Flavor Profile
Beer Wheel
Tasting Notes

Pours brilliant dark copper under a nice cream colored foam cap that dissipates fairly fast. The nose is bready toasty malt with a light spicy floral note. The flavors follow the aroma with a fresh bread crust to light toast with light floral spice. The malt is medium, the hop notes are medium low. There is lingering light sweetness with faint caramel. Bitterness is moderate to moderately low. Medium to medium low body, medium carbonation.
Very well balanced and easy to drink.

Periodic Table of Beer Styles

Beer Advocate – 87 – very good
Average Using Review – 85
Untappd – 3.62/5
RateBeer.com – 3.13/5

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