Photo By: Brian Hill

Photo: Brian Hill
Williamson County Football

By Zachary Harmuth

CPA, the as-yet-undefeated CPA, takes on East Nashville Magnet Friday night as the Class 3A playoffs get serious.

Nashville Magnet is 9-2 on the year, having just beat Lipscomb Academy in the first round of the playoffs.

CPA beat White House Heritage last Friday.

Now the No. 1 seed (CPA) and the No. 4 seed match-up against each other at CPA’s home field.

CPA is the obvious favorite, but this is not going to be a 35-14 breeze like WH Heritage (or the rest of the season before that, for the most part).

Nashville Magnet is a rushing machine, averaging just shy of 250 yards on the ground per game. And they are no slouches throwing the ball, either, averaging 181 yards per game in the air.

All in all, they are a fairly explosive offense, and have averaged 38.5 points per game through the season this year, while giving up just shy of 20 points per game. They may have doubled their opponents, but still that is a lot of points to give up.

An offense like CPA’s should be able to get into a shootout with them, and win.

Also CPA, with its rather hard-nosed offense knows how to move and score also. This year, it has been good for 213 yards on the ground and 161 yards in the air per game, for (sound familiar) 38.5 points per game.

The difference, between these two teams, is defense. CPA has allowed just 11 points per game.

So, while CPA could win a shootout, it won’t have to most likely, because of its shutout defense.