Undefeated CPA Goes into Quarterfinal Match-up With the Upper Hand

Photo By: Brian Hill

Photo by Brian Hill
Williamson County Football
By Amber Pennycuff

The dominate CPA Lions have breezed through the 2013 season with a 12-0 start and will advance to the TSSAA Quarterfinals this Friday night. The purple-and-gold will face Fairview (11-1) with a home  field advantage.

Christ Presbyterian has a gain in this game because of the undefeated record that they hold. Most of the time, a 12-0 record would give a team a little more confidence on the field. And we all know, confidence is the key to success.

But along with that confidence, comes facts to back it up.

CPA scores an average of 38.7-points per game and only allows about 11.6 from its opponents. That means CPA scores an average of about three-times as much as the opposing team.

Fairview, on the other end of the field, scores an average of 42.9-points and allows about 13.8 from the other team. Ironically enough, this is three-times as much as the opposing team, exactly like the Lions record.

The Yellow Jackets one loss hangs off of undefeated Lewis County (12-0). Lewis is also in the Quarterfinals against Westview (9-3). Whoever comes out on top in this Friday night match-up, will take on the winner of that game.

Last Friday, CPA took a 38-14 win against East Nashville (9-3). The defense charged the line and forced three turnovers just in the first half, and the offense dominated scoring two TD’s within just the first quarter. CPA had four touchdowns to complete out the first half.

Over the course of the year, CPA has only allowed its opponent to score more than 16-points once. Five out of 12 games, teams have scored less than 10-points in a game and only three out of twelve have scored more than 15.

To take a big win over Fairview, the Lions will have to step up to the plate once again.

CPA fell to Milan in the Semifinals in 2011 but has already taken care of a 24-7 win over the Bulldogs earlier in this season to insure that won’t happen again. The Lions will be hungry for a win to make it past the Semifinals this year.

Fairview will be sharing a boat with CPA. The Yellow Jackets fell to Milan in the playoffs in 2010 and 2011. 2012 only brought Fairview to the second round of the play-offs. Making it to the Quarterfinals is a huge accomplishment for the yellow-and-black.

The Williamson Source will keep you updated on CPA throughout the rest of the playoffs and don’t forget on Friday nights, we have our live scoreboard on our Football Central Homepage.

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  1. So this is actually a sad post, since it is coming from the Williamson Source. You would think the Williamson Source would actually support the Williamson County team (Fairview). If you look CPA is actually a Davidson County school wether most of the players are from there or not. It should be a good game either way.

    • I understand what you’re saying but as a follower of The Williamson Source, I’ve seen tons of great articles on Fairview and videos on their site. They’ve gotten some great video of home football games and are clearly supportive of our Yellow Jackets. It’s the playoffs and quite frankly CPA has better stats and a better chance to win, so this is a fair assessment. I’m looking forward to a great Quarterfinal game and will be rooting both the teams on!

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