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There are few things that people who love their cars would not do for their car. But if you have a beautiful car, why would you put it in an unfinished garage? Whether you are a car person or have a gearhead in your life, we’re here to show you how to get your garage up to the same level as their car. Today’s Ultimate Garage Guide looks at wall storage and organization.

When installing wall storage, Gladiator Garageworks offers both the GearWall and GearTrack system. Per Gladiator, “the heavy-duty ‘slat-wall’ style panel system is the foundation of the Gladiator® Wall System. It is designed to help MILES 1homeowners reclaim the floor by maximizing wall storage capacity and flexibility. Customize your storage space by adding these panels to a variety of wall types. These robust panels are built to withstand extreme heat, cold and humidity, allowing homeowners to place them in a variety of garage units.” GearTrack is a narrower, two-channel wall mount that comes available in 4’ long sections, while GearWall has four channel sections in 4’ and 8’ long sections. GearTrack sections have the ability of holding 75 pounds per linear foot. GearWall holds 50 pounds per square foot. Base boards and panel trim is available to give the garage wall a finished look.

To hang on the GearWall and GearTrack mountings, Gladiator offers hooks, baskets, bins, caddies, and shelves. Gladiator hooks are specialized to hold bikes, fishing poles, tools, and hoses, while baskets are offered in mesh and wire baskets. Small bins come in 6-packs to hold smaller items. Caddies are available to organize balls, golf clubs, or, for those who want to keep their ultimate garage as spotless as their favorite car, cleaning supplies. For the most stability, Gladiator offers shelves, which can hold up to 500 pounds per shelf.

If you are looking to turn your garage into the ultimate garage with Gladiator Garageworks products,  be sure to visit MILES Auto Spa on Bakers Bridge Avenue in Cool Springs.

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