Two Ways to Combine Trends to Create a Brilliant Bedroom Design

Orchard Stones by Oath by Resista

Your bedroom is a place where you can escape to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. It’s a space that should echo comfort and safety, almost like your own personal sanctuary. Spring, summer, fall, or winter, the bedroom should be a room full of peace and quiet. While the summer and spring months typically bring warmer temperatures, a bedroom can feel cold, dark, and monotonous in the winter, especially when days are shorter and temperatures drop. Yet, it doesn’t have to! To read the entire list visit McCall’s Carpet One’s website.

1Natural Light

Brookehaven by Innovia

To get the most natural light, it’s best to keep furniture against full, flat walls, so that it doesn’t obstruct window views. This allows natural light to flow through the room freely. While it is recommended for curtains and window treatments are, the best way to take advantage of natural light is to be sure to open them during the day.

2Warmth with Carpet

Weekend Getaway by Innovia

The types of carpet available on the market today range from plush to patterned and display a variety of features to suit every need. Stain and fade resistance, increased durability, and softness are just a few specific options when considering different carpeting products. That warm feeling in your bedroom is best achieved with plush, cozy carpets that increase the amount of texture in the space.

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