Two Trump Parades to Take Place this Weekend

Two Trump parades will take place this weekend, according to a social media post.

The first will take place on Saturday, October 31 at 11 am. Routes planned for the parade are Nolensville, Brentwood, and Cool Springs area. Those wishing to participate will gather at 10 am at Old Nolensville Soccer Fields.

Then on Sunday, November 1, a Trump parade will take place at 3 pm with a start location of the corner of Sumerlyn and Bradfield. The route for the parade will be in Nolensville neighborhoods of Summerlyn, Sugar Mill, Whitmore, Nolan Meade, Silver Stream, Ballenger Farms, Catalina, Bennington, Winterset Woods, Nolen Mill, and Bent Creek.

All are invited to join the parade. Flyers for the parades can be found below.