Two More WCS Students Ace the ACT Exams

Two More WCS Students Ace the ACT Exams
Photo by WCS inFocus

Two more Williamson County Schools students are joining the elite few who have scored a perfect 36 composite score on their ACT exams.

Ravenwood High student Mrinmoyee Kalasikam is one of the students who accomplished the difficult feat.

“Min is a star as a student and as a person,” said RHS teacher Elise Dirks-Jacks. “She is focused and inquisitive about topics in class and consistently leading her peer group in her performance on assessments. At the same time, Min maintains a fun sense of humor and brings a smile to class every day. She is a delight to teach and an excellent learner.”

Summit High’s Nevaeh Brinson also earned a perfect composite score on her ACT exam.

“Nevaeh is a very driven student at Summit High School,” said SHS Principal Sarah Lamb. “She pursues her goals by working hard each day. Nevaeh is looked upon as a leader among her peers and teachers all while keeping her academics in the top percent of her class.”