Check Out Special Effects Makeup Artist for Halloween

Meet Katrina Brooks straight from Hollywood, California to Nashville.  While in Los Angeles, Katrina honed in her skills with special effect make-up.  So this Halloween, you can be the talk of your party with a professional look like no one else’s.  We sat down with Katrina to learn more about what type of projects she has worked on, what brought her to Nashville and just what she sees as the best special effects look for Halloween this year.


WS: Tell us what influenced you to embark on a career in makeup/special effects?

Brooks: I have always been very artistic, from taking every Art class offered in High School, to Modeling in NYC. When I was a teenager I was always fascinated with Beauty and Style. One of my dreams was to become a Costume designer. After completing Hair and Makeup on my friends for our formal dances, I realized that this was my dream. I love the transformation from the slightest contour to turning someone into a whole new character from head to toe. When I was searching for Makeup schools, I discovered The Makeup Designory in California. After visiting the school and realizing the amazing program they had to offer, I moved 3,000 miles from my hometown in Manchester, New Hampshire.

WS: How did you begin your work in this field?

Brooks: I was asked to complete Hair and Makeup on Music Videos for my friends, with the connections that I made, the jobs escalated quickly from there. Being on set always feels like a family. Once you work overtime with a crew of people, you become friends and then they keep calling you back for new projects.

WS: Would you be willing to share any celebrities that you have worked with?

Brooks: I have worked with Pop Sensation Lance Bass from N’SYNC all the way to Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney who ran for President in the 2012 election. I also work with a few boy bands and seasoned television actors.

WS: What brought you from Hollywood to Nashville?

Brooks: I like to say the universe made me do it! I came to visit the city on a whim and got the vibe that I was meant to be here, so I packed up my apartment and moved across country. The south is booming with not only amazing Musicians but the Film industry has really been moving out of Los Angeles. I was in Nashville for a month and I was fortunate enough to stumble upon an amazing salon called Parlour 3. I have been working for Parlour 3 for a little over a month now. The stylists and Makeup Artists here are the best in Tennessee!

WS:  If you were choosing a special effects costume this year, what would you choose?

Brooks: I have been involved in the creation of so many different characters for Halloween and Films that I find it hard to choose one. I am a huge fan of Tim Burton so I like to choose characters from his movies. This year I am leaning towards turning myself into the Corpse Bride.

WS: Tell us about the options you have to offer for someone looking for special effects makeup? (can you give us the minimum you would be willing to do and the ultimate you can offer)

Brooks: I see minimum makeup being characters such as The Queen of Hearts or a Vampire. If you are looking to be an Avatar, a Zombie or Frankenstein needing prosthetics to change your face shape, I am more than happy to do that as well.

WS: Is there anything we need to know when choosing our special effects and does it remove easily?

Brooks: At the salon I will be doing Character makeup as well as minor prosthetics. In removing heavy makeup and prosthetics, Isopropyl Myristate is best. It is an oil that I will be carrying for everyone to have an easy removal of their makeup. As far as choosing your special effects makeup, I am offering a free 15 minute consultation to decide what products are needed, how long it will take and what it will cost.

Thanks Katrina!  To contact Katrina regarding your Halloween special effects makeup, contact Parlour 3 at 615-942-9084 or visit her website here.    After Halloween,  if you are looking for that special occasion hair and makeup starting at $80 as well as makeup lessons for an hour and half at $150.







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