Try These Summer Color Combinations

Mccalls carpet one ColorCombo_BlueRed


Summer is a great time to add a little more pop to your home’s palette – and we have our eyes set on all the wonderful hues of blue. We’ve paired the classic color in four different ways, each unique and perfectly suited to the season.

Nautical Nirvana

Blue + White. This classic color combo will leave your home feeling nautical and trendy. This combo has been featured in more than just home décor, and there is a reason why. This simple yet elegant look will completely transform your space into an ocean oasis. + Shop our area rug selections from Surya.

Mccalls carpet one ColorCombo_BlueWhite

Nod to Nature

Blue + Green. When ocean blue and sea glass green colors come together they create a perfect pair by making your space both pretty and unique. Adding colors like these that are bright and beachy can enhance both the look and feel of any room. You can also use lighter, cooler tones of these colors which will enable you to create a whole different look. This dynamic color combo can go from bold and dramatic to light, airy, and fresh. + Shop our area rug selections from Nourison.

Mccalls Carpet One ColorCombo_BlueGreen

Patriotic Passion

Blue + Red. This color combo represents fire and ice. Mixing a bright red with a cooler colored blue creates a tropical feel. This bold and dramatic look will certainly get your guests’ heads turning. + Shop these area rug selections from Surya.


Mccalls carpet one ColorCombo_BlueRed

Sky Meets Sunrise

Blue + Orange. These two colors represent the feeling of summer by being bold and bright. From the light blue of an ocean or sky to the deep orange of a beautiful sunset, this combo has everything a lake house or summer home could want. + Shop our area rug selections from Surya.

Mccalls Carpet One ColorCombo_BlueOrange


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