True Blue Review: Blue Zoo talks win over Western.

WRITTEN BY BRIAN TAYLOR Member of “The Blue Zoo”

For the past year MT fans and WKU fans alike, have been itching to get back to the 100 miles of hate rivalry. Last Saturday, fans got their wish.

I woke up that morning already angry with WKU. The night before someone had snuck on campus and painted our lucky blue horse shoe RED. I immediately drove to the campus to check it out for myself. When I got there, they had already begun cleaning off the statue and luckily were able to get it all off before the Raider walk.

The game itself was absolutely amazing. The first thing I was greeted by when I walked into my usual section was a DJ positioned right in front of us, blasting music the whole game!

Never have I seen a student section so excited at a game from start to finish.

On the field, MT and Western traded blows the entire game.

As we hit the 4th quarter, everyone in the stadium stood and never stopped yelling.

Once we hit overtime, the fans pushed the noise and intensity to another level. Students were no longer in the stands, they had all swarmed to the fences ready to storm the field at any moment!

While all of this is happening, our DJ was playing pump up music between plays to get everyone up and jumping. Come the last overtime, fans were a magical mixture of exhausted, nervous and filled to the ears with adrenaline.

Western had the ball first, and were held to only field goal by the Blue Raider defense. The moment we saw the kicking team come out for Western we all knew this could be it.

By this time security had a feeling we may rush the field and had essentially made a wall between us and the playing surface. On the very first play of the Middle Tennessee drive, Austin Grammer found Ed’Marques Batties for 25 yards to end an amazing game!

Unfortunately we were stopped from storming the field, instead we all collected in the corner and waited for the band to play the Tennessee waltz. Afterwards “We beat western” chants filled the stadium as people began to file out hugging and giving high fives the whole way!

This game was BY FAR the best sporting event I have ever been to and I can not wait for the next home game.

To see highlights from the game click HERE.