DUI Driver Veers off I-65 and Into Building Near Brentwood

Nicholas Rice, from MNPD. Truck photo: from Twitter @trafficjamsam

Right where Brentwood and Davidson County meet a man driving a pick-up truck veered off the interstate and into an office building last night.

According to Metro Nashville police, driver Nicholas Rice was arrested and charged with DUI. The crash occurred near midnight Wednesday on Franklin Pike, north of Old Hickory Road, just over the county line. The building hit was part of the Brentwood Hearing Center.

The building did not sustain any major damage. Rice’s truck, however, was totalled.

Around midnight, police got a report of a pick-up truck that had been speeding down I-65 south and then hit a center divider. From there, the truck continued on I-65 between Harding Place and Old Hickory Blvd., before veering off the interstate and hitting the side of the parking garage there at 5544 Franklin Pike.

Rice, once police arrived and found him standing in the grass next to the crashed truck, said he had drank three vodkas. He had minor injuries– cuts around his right eye.

Police said he then failed a field sobriety test, but refused a BAC test on the spot.

He was booked and charged on suspicion of DUI.

Police found in the truck seven empty one-shot bottles of Fireball whiskey, three empty “Booze Box” containers and three empty one-shot bottles of schnapps.