Don’t Forget Your Truck’s Christmas List

Last month we did a feature on heated seats as a car accessory with the change of the season. For our December auto accessory post we are focusing on truck accessories.

Christmas of course is just a few weeks away. Until then, it is all about finding the perfect gift. It is the season of giving after all.

If you know someone who drives a truck, then you know how much they love their truck.

It’s special.

So for Christmas why not get them something extra special for that favorite vehicle of theirs?

AutoPro of Nashville on 1610 Franklin Road in Brentwood has a bunch of upgrades and accessories in a bunch of price ranges for your loved one’s truck.

Wade Sandrell, president of AutoPro of Nashville, spoke to us about what you can do to give your loved one and their truck the best Christmas ever

Among the products they offer for your truck are: step bars, bed covers, grill guards, chroming, bug deflectors, heated seats, remote starters, full stereo installation, DVD installation, head rest DVD installation, lowering and raising,bed liners, towing, winches, mud flaps, rocker panels, window tinting and pretty much anything you can think of to customize your ride.

step bars

“Basically we been installing accessories  here for over 10 years, and literally we can do anything and everything you want,” Sandrell said.

And no matter what your price range, they can add something cool and fun to a truck. Prices range for accessories for the most part from a few hundred to a few thousand and it all just depends on what you choose to do.

“You can do remote start for 300 dollars and up depending on the vehicle.”

“Step bars are inexpensive starting at $150-200  and going up to $400- 500  for bigger ones. We installed some today that were electric, flip down bars that were closer to $2000. They tuck under and open when door opens and closes.”

“Soft bed covers start around $300, and range up into $1000s for hard covers.

“And fog lights and running lights are always popular and start at a few hundred dollars.”

“Weathertech floormats are a great gift, too, and cost around $100. They are custom molded and made to fit your vehicle.”

bed liner

“Remote starters are also great gifts because they do not take too long to install.”

“For most of our products we can get your car back to you the same day your drop it off. Lifts take a little longer, but something like a set of step bars takes just a couple hours.”

“Gift cards might be the best gift of all, since we offer so many different products they can come in and talk things over with our sales staff.”

Call 377-6101 to schedule an appointment or come in between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday

Or schedule online at