power outage

Update: Good News: Power has been restored! There is only one customer still affected by this outage.

Power is out in much of the downtown Franklin area. This includes businesses, residences, and traffic lights. The outage is due to a truck that got tangled up in some central power lines near Lewisburg & E. Fowlkes.

Avoid downtown Franklin thru-traffic until further notice.
Use Mack Hatcher Memorial Parkway to bypass the downtown area.

Lewisburg Pike should be completely avoided for thru-traffic between Mack Hatcher & downtown.

Power Outage Map

It’s hot, and several are without AC. If you have elderly friends or loved ones in the downtown area, call or stop by to check on them. Special needs population without power, especially the elderly and parents with babies, should consider visiting a public building that has power. If you are unable to get out without assistance, call so we can send someone to help you: (615) 794-2513.

Estimated additional outage time as of 10:00 am: 1-2 hours




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