Trending Now : Chris Young Tips Big at Chili’s

chris young

During a recent visit to Chili’s, the country start Chris Young left a big tip on his $77 bill. Young left a $200 tip for his bartender at Chili’s with a note stating “Bills suck, your service was great.”

Chris Young

Cousin to the bartender took a photo of the receipt and shared on it on Facebook stating,

“I think this is an amazingly beautiful thing you did and want to say thank you on behalf of the Chili’s Bartender that served you tonight(she is my cousin!!) I think this is the coolest thing ever.”

After Samantha Maurine Coles posted the message onto Chris Young’s Facebook page, the post has gone viral.

The bartender, Melodie Sullivan, replied to her cousin’s post stating, “Thank you everybody! This was so cool! And definitely made last night which started out to be a rough one a much better one! Thank you Sam, I am so blessed to have you as a cousin! Love you!”

Later, Melodie Sullivan  posted to Chris Young’s Facebook page regarding the story.

Chris Young

Over the years, Chris Young has been known for his philanthropy and continues to a generous down to earth person. We think this act of kindness just proved that. We are taking this as a challenge to do something for someone else today. Maybe it won’t be a $200 tip but there are other ways to show small acts of kindness.

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