Trending Now: 615 Rocks!

If you and your family are familiar with geocaching, there’s a new family activity on the horizon called 615 Rocks!

Unlike geocaching, there are no coordinates to follow but more of a true scavenger hunt as you  set out to find one of the hand-painted 615 Rocks.

emily_615rocksEmily Gouldener, a mom and children’s ministry director at Cross Point Church in Bellevue. “I wanted to spread joy in my community,” Gouldener said.

“My mom, who still lives in Memphis told me this movement was starting to drown out the news stories in Memphis,” she said. “And when she asked my son to paint rocks with her, I wanted to know more. I saw this a great way to spread some kindness while bringing families together.”

Gouldener started by reaching out to Amy McSpadden, an elementary school art teacher and Lisa Dawson, a cardiology nurse – both from Memphis and founders of the 901 Rocks! Facebook group out of Memphis to learn more about this phenomenon and figured out a way to replicate it in Nashville. With their insight and blessing, Gouldener launched 615 Rocks! Facebook group in September.

By taking a look at the Facebook page, rocks have been found all over the area with the latest posting in Fairview at First District Coffee. Other places the rocks have been found in Williamson County include the Brentwood Library, Spring Hill,  and Fieldstone Farms.

With the upcoming holidays, grab some rocks, paint, and head out on your next 615 Rocks mission.

Here is what you need to do take part in the movement.

First, request to join the 615 Rocks! Facebook  group. Then follow the instructions that were posted on the Facebook group.

What Do I Need To Get Involved?
*Rocks (Find in nature or purchase. Home Depot has huge bags in the garden center)
*Acrylic paint or paint pens. Some people choose to spray paint the rocks before painting.
*Sealer (Krylon Acrylic Spray Sealer works great as does Rustoleum Clear Matte Spray Sealer. Many have also used a brush on called “Triple Thick” for a high gloss finish. Michaels and Home Depot carry options.

-Let’s Talk Rocks
*Be creative. Paint anything on your rock or be inspired by the shape!
*If you want your rock to be found and shared on the Facebook page, here are a few ideas for the back of your rock.
1. Draw the facebook “f” and write 615Rocks!
2. Write 615Rocks! on facebook
3. Post a pic on 615Rocks! on facebook
*SEAL YOUR ROCK with sealer so your art doesn’t run.
-Now What?
*Go out and plant your rocks! Hide them anywhere, expecting someone will find it and smile.
-If you find a rock, snap a picture and upload to 615Rocks!
-Invite people to join the page @615Rocks! The more painters and planters, the more joy that is spread!

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